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The Women's Association of Meganisi "ILAKATI" was created on January 26, 2014. All these years it has developed multilevel activities, contributing to the culture and development of the island.
The Easter Bazaar which was the first organized action of the club has now become an annual event. The members of the Association offer handmade creations and products for sale, the revenues are being used in planned activities.


Adopting the idea of ​​the Cultural Center of Meganisi, for an evening dedicated to the traditional Meganisian cuisine, which was implemented for the first time in the summer of 2014, ILAKATI continued this action with the contribution of the Cultural Center of Meganisi and KOIDEM. giving visitors the opportunity to get to know another side of the island.

As part of Axion Hellas' visit to Meganisi, ILAKATI actively participated in the experiential education entitled "Crossing from yesterday to today in art and gastronomy" with keynote speakers Mrs. Virginia Matseli, Ethnologist, Benaki Museum, and Mrs. Argiro Barbarigou, chef. Following this action, the women of the Association presented the traditional Meganisi cuisine.


The Association actively participated in the 1st action that took place for sterilization, vaccination, and placement of microchips in the stray animals of the island (under the auspices of the Municipality of Meganisi and the Lefkada Animal Friends Association). In January 2019, with the sponsorship of the English organization GCWS, the 2nd phase took place in collaboration with the Municipality and the Lefkada Animal Friends Association. In March 2019, the association, at its own expense, with the participation of several volunteers, as well as the support of the Municipality, carried out the 3rd round of sterilization. The Association has now been organized having in its possession special baskets for collecting strays and feeders. With food donations from citizens and visitors of the island, dry food is provided for stray kittens.

ILAKATI, having as its primary goal the preservation of customs and the promotion of culture, created a theatrical team, a dance group, and a choir.

The theatrical group already counts on its assets a successful theatrical performance "House of Guilt", which also travelled to Athens.

Apart from performances in Meganisi, the dance group has also participated in performances in Nydri after an invitation from the Lefkada Culture Association "AGERMOS".

The choir participates in the psalm on Good Friday and has performed a musical performance dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis.


In an effort to preserve the customs of the place, they revived:
• On the eve of March 25, the "candlelight vigils". They walk in the villages singing songs for the anniversary of the revolution of 1821.
• On the eve of May Day the "spring awakening". They tie cans and whatever other metal is making noise and drag them around village streets. This symbolizes the awakening of nature after the winter. At the same time, they distribute flowers in all three villages, offered by the Cultural Center of the municipality of Meganisi.

Every year, on Christmas days, the women's association makes traditional sweets and offers them to the elderly of the island.

"ILAKATI" has helped the "Hamogelo tou Paidiou" and the "Ark of the World" with food and other goods, an offer not only of its members but also of the people of Meganisi.
Also, it organizes excursions in Greece, in order for the women of Meganisi to get to know the beauties of our country and to get in touch with other Women's Associations.

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