Recharge yourself 

Photo Credits: Tasos Kardasis

There are some places that give you a different taste in every season. As we start to leave the hot weather of summer behind and the sun has begun to put a little less shine on us Meganisi changes.

The harmony of blue and the green is clearer. The land has a unique smell after the rain, so clear that you think you can smell every tree, every flower and the sea everywhere.

In life, we are all preoccupied with everyday madness, rich rhythms, and our careers. A distraction is more than welcome, will give us time to think, time to recharge, time to romance and most of all, time for our selfs.

During the winter season, Meganisi is transformed, away from the worries of life. A living film noir movie, with fog, tranquillity and slow rain.

Since its not high season, you can spend your days next to a fireplace overlooking the amazing sea view and the unspoiled natural beauty, in a low cost.

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