The Prigiponisa (Prince's Islands) is a complex of small islands located on the east coast of Lefkada, off the Nidri. The complex includes the islands: Meganisi (which is the largest of the complex), Scorpio, Scorpidi, Sparta, Madouri, Helloni and Tsokari. The Prigiponisa belong to the complex of Tilevoides that also include the islands of Kalamos, Kastos, Arkoudi and Atokos.

The Municipality of Meganisi includes the offshore islands of Skorpios and Sparti. The Municipality has an area of 22.356 km². Its total population was 1,041 at the 2011 census.

Meganisi, despite its small size, provides the resident and the visitor with a wide range of services. In recent years, through a series of major infrastructure projects, it has been changed, modernized and renewed without losing its picturesqueness and character.

Photo Credits: Gerasimos I. Katopodis

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