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Meganisi is a paradise for sailors, with calm, clear waters that make it one of the world's safest destinations.

It is an ideal destination for experienced and novice sailors because it combines unique natural landscapes, mild weather, and countless bays for anchorage due to the island's geographical location.
Travelling to Meganisi by boat, sailboat or motorboat will allow you to visit places that are not accessible by land.


The largest port of Meganisi is located on the north coast, in a deep bay. The berths are protected from practically all winds.


The port of Spilia is the second largest port on the island of Meganisi. It is located at the northwestern end of the island.


A bay on the north side is the most popular anchorage, providing good protection from existing northwest winds.


Odyseas Marina is α premier marina facility for yachts within the Ionian Sea. 

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