pet-friendly island



In the evenings, don't be surprised when you see a fox wandering around the Vathi square, waiting for her dinner!

To travel to Greece with your pets/animals must be a minimum of 12 weeks old, with a valid anti-rabies vaccination.

  • Anti-rabies vaccination is usually repeated every year. The vaccination should be valid and effective when travelling with minimum days of 21 since the last shot.

  • Vaccination to be considered valid must be applied after a microchip. Practically, the pet/animal must be a minimum of 105 days old to be accepted for transportation.

  • When you take your pet out, it should always be on a lease, and you have to hold with you its passport & health certificate.

Before your arrival, though, you have to check with your accommodation about the pet policy.

If you let your dog swim on a crowded beach, you risk getting a fine. Therefore, take your dog to a more isolated side of the beach, away from people. Your dog will have more space, and you will get peace of mind.

Vets can be easily found at Lefkada.