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The handloom is used in Greece since Homer’s era for weaving several fabrics.


Penelope used to weave during the day and unpick the loom at night to deceive the suitors until Odysseus returned home.


Our ancestors used to weave their traditional set of clothes on the loom, the wedding dresses and the house’s clothes (sheets, curtains, tablecloths, carpets e.t.c).


From ancient times the women in Meganisi have been exceptionally skilled at the art of loom.

The art of handloom weaving is one tradition that stands out for its beauty, rare craftsmanship, and functionality.

The creation of these handwoven loom textiles is a unique art that leaves people amazed. This art requires love for the creation and needs great patience and focus. It is an art that is revealed little by little onto the loom as designs suddenly emerge.

Weaving with a loom is pure fun. It’s creative, relaxing, and very rewarding. When you weave, you bring together different yarns and fabrics and unify them in a single, unique piece of art. 

Walking around the villages, you can still hear the unique sound of handloom and see the art created in front of your eyes.

Romanian old age wooden loom machine for
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