Meganisi island is exactly what you think it is a tiny blip on the world map.

Here, amid stunning scenic beauty, you'll find opportunities for reflection and discovery, and make memories that last a lifetime. 

Specks of emerald green enveloped by dazzling turquoise waters. Beaches and lush green lean on towards the sea, giving the crystal clear waters, shades of turquoise blend flawlessly with deeper hues of blue.

The transparency of the sea makes Maganisi ideal vacation choice for families since kids feel safe to swim because they see everything.

Our 30km of coastline gives the opportunity for privacy and isolation in one of our countless small beaches or the space to enjoy a day with your friends only!

Photo Credits: Tasos Kardasis

Meganisi for families


Looking for the perfect family beach vacation? Meganisi offers awesome sea views, nonstop family activities, and villas, hotels and self catered accomodatios.

Forget the wavy seas, in Meganisi the sea is always calm and the waters so transparent that will make the kids not want to leave the beach, popular problem for all parents local or visitors!

Beaches in Meganisi are ideal to famniliriaze kids with sea, they dont have suddent dpths and adding on the top the the transparent waters, makes it eazy for the kids to swim without fear.

Popular kids beaches are: Fanari, .......

Meganisi for romance


When it comes to romantic beach trips, the options can seem surprisingly overdone, overcrowded or overpriced ― especially if you’re craving someplace that’s not in the typical playbook for a honeymoon or couple’s vacation.

Meganisi has tranquiled pfilosofy, beautiful sunsets and lovevly restaurants with endless seaview.

But even if we deleted all other Meganisi has to offer, crystal clear waters, lush green and stunning natural beauty.

One big advantage relmains, even in high season in our 30km of costline you will find a small piscturistc beach to be on your own.

Meganisi for friends


Nothing beats that feeling of jetting off on holiday with your closest friends.

Whether you want to escape the 9 to 5 grind, or you’re planning a holiday celebration.

Holidays with friends can provide you with some great lifelong memories. Helping you to get away from it all and strengthen your bonds, friendship holidays are really a must in our days.

When you travel with friends you need to have privacy, to relax, to talk, to have fun and to dance till dawn. 

In Meganisi you can find the all package plus stunning natural beauty and great food

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