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Family Vacations

Are you looking for the perfect family beach vacation? Meganisi offers fantastic beaches, endless family activities, and variety in accommodation, villas, hotels and self-catered.

Forget the wavy seas. In Meganisi, the sea is always calm and the waters so transparent that will make the kids not want to leave the beach (the popular problem for all parents, local or visitors)!

Beaches in Meganisi are ideal to familiarise kids with the sea, they don't have sudden depths, and the transparent waters make it easy for them to swim without fear.

Popular kids beaches are Fanari, Spilia and Pasoumaki.

It is world-known that food in Greece is amazing! in Meganisi you can experience the rich and vibrant taste of traditional Greek cuisine, some with a gourmet touch, Italian, BBQ, Souvlaki and of course fresh fish and seafood every day.

There is something to do every hour of the day for the kids when you manage to take them out of the sea!

Several playgrounds (all renovated May 2020 & certified) & sport's facilities are free for use in every village. During mid-August, there is always a beach volley tournament in Fanari and Roca beach.

Happy Family
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