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Papanikolis Sea Cave

The Biggest sea cave in the world, amazing swimming spot with a small beach inside the cave.

Agios Ioannis Church
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The church is probably built before 1477 next to the church lies a beautiful beach of the same name

Beach Hopping

There are amazing isolated beaches around the island, accessible only by boat with unique beauty.

Sunset from Stefani

The sunset from Stefani at Spartochori is simply breathtaking. 

Sunken Airplane

The plane still lies in shallow water near the edge of the Vathy harbour can be easily seen in most conditions

Sunrise at Fanari Beacon

Experience the new day with the sun coming up from the endless horizon full of zen colours and light sea breeze. 

Full Moon Swimming

A unique swimming experience. You will see the sea turn sparkling silver around you.

Scuba or Snorkelling

You can't miss, beautiful reefs, diversity of underwater life, and incredible visibility over 30m / 98ft can't be missed.

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