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Papanikolis Sea Cave

The Biggest sea cave in the world, an amazing swimming spot with a small beach inside the cave and crystal clear waters.

St. John church

Part of an old monastery, the Holy Temple of Saint John the Baptist, is built on a pebble beach west of the island. It no longer has great murals or architecture to display, but it has a long history since 1477. 

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Cyclops's Cave

The cave of the Cyclops, in the bay of Kalopoulos, above the Spilia port and at a height of 50m. from the surface of the sea, is one of the three candidates for the confirmation of the well-known Homeric myth. The cave has been known since ancient times, while tradition states that it was used by Cyclops Polyphemus as a sheep shed.

Sunrise from Fanari Beacon 

Enjoy the new day with view of the endless horizon and feel the fresh sea breeze.

tip: an extra early swimming is always amazing and the sea is surprisingly hot!

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Sundown @Stefani

The sunset from Stefani at Spartochori is simply breath-taking and favourite photo shooting spot

Sunken Airplane

The plane still lies in shallow water near the edge of the Vathy harbour can be easily seen in most conditions

Photo Credits_ Γεράσιμος Ι. Κατωπόδης
Find your beach

There are amazing isolated beaches around the island, accessible only by boat with unique beauty, zen atmosphere, emerald and turquoise waters.

Scuba or Snorkelling

You can't miss, the beautiful reefs, the diversity of underwater life, and all with incredible visibility of over 30m/98ft!

Underwater Photographer
Full Moon Swimming

The summer moons are bright, take your swimsuit and try a night swimming. You will see the sea turn sparkling silver, full of small stars around you. a truly unique experience.

Fish feeding 

Take some bread and get to Fanari beach early in the morning, around 8-9 AM. Stand in the middle of the beach, depth up to the waist and start throwing one by one slowly tiny pieces of bread. Soon, you will be surrounded by hundreds of small fishes, it's a unique opportunity for small kids to familiarize themselves and explore what's under the water. 

Fishes at Fanari Beach - Ψάρια στην παρα