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Melopitharo is known for its honey and high-quality honey products, setting a gold standard in the world of beekeeping. Dedicated to quality and sustainability, Melopitharo offers a wide range of honey products that include the sweetness and purity of nature.
We are proud that our eucalyptus honey with thyme was awarded with two stars in the competition of the Committee of the International Taste & Quality Institute iTQi for its quality, texture and distinctive taste. The Brussels-based International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) is the leading organisation that aims to promote superior quality food and beverages from around the world.
Each jar of Melopitharo honey is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. It comes from virgin, natural environments, honey is rich in flavor and full of beneficial nutrients. Whether it is the velvety softness of wildflower honey or the strong depth of forest honey, Melopitharo ensures that each product offers an unparalleled taste experience.
In addition to excellent honey, Melopitharo's product range includes a variety of honey products, all made to the same high quality standards. From royal jelly, fresh pollen, propolis tincture, beeswax and salves, there is something to please every customer. Each product is made to take advantage of the natural benefits of honey.
Melopitharo's commitment to sustainability is evident in its practices, from bee-friendly cultivation techniques to environmentally friendly packaging. This commitment ensures that the production of their honey not only supports the environment but also maintains the delicate balance of nature.
Choose Melopitharo for a truly exceptional honey experience, where each product is a celebration of nature's best offerings and a proof of superior quality and care.


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