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Meganisi Tax

Accounting - Tax Consulting - Business Consulting


The accounting office Meganisi Tax, based in Athens and Meganisi, offers reliable and comprehensive accounting services for more than 25 years. With expertise and experience, we are here to meet your every need, providing high quality services tailored to your requirements. Some of the services we provide are:

Keeping of Category A, B and C Accounting Books
We undertake the complete and accurate keeping of your accounting records, ensuring that they meet all tax and legal standards.

Consulting services
We provide expert advice on managing your finances and improving the efficiency of your business.

Establishment of companies
We manage the establishment of new companies, offering comprehensive services from the preparation of documents to final approval.

NSRF programmes
We support the submission and monitoring of applications for NSRF programs, helping you secure the funding you need.

Pension Management
We provide solutions for the proper management of your pensions, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits.

OAED benefits
We undertake the submission and management of applications for OAED benefits, ensuring that you will receive all entitled benefits.

Why choose us
Our team consists of first class accountants with extensive experience and deep knowledge of accounting science and tax regulations. We are dedicated to providing professional and reliable support to our customers, ensuring that your every financial need is met accurately and effectively.

Contact us to discuss your needs and offer you the best possible solution.


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