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Discover Meganisi

Rental of boats, motorcycles, quad-bikes, electric bikes


Discover Meganisi was first established in 2017.
Michael Soldatos, born and raised in Meganisi, a local fisherman, created the company for his love for the outdoor life. We hope to create a strong presence in rental services, here on our island of Meganisi with our first responsibility your safety, the personal touch with our customers, and the continuing support to them.

All our vehicles are EURO 4 (the latest safety standard) models of 2017 and our boats are also brand new models with spare engines. We take care of them every day by making continuous checks so we can provide our renters headache-free and safe trips. You can communicate with us to ask questions or any other need you may have, we will be happy to help you.
Have a nice stay on the beautiful island of Meganisi.


May to October

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