Greece was a success story opposite to COVID-19 pandemic. Meganisi was and still is “free” of the coronavirus with no active cases.

During the pandemic lockdown, we are proud to say that Meganisians followed strictly all government instructions.

Meganisi Municipality did repeatedly and extensive microbial disinfection in public areas, roads, public buildings, public cars etc.


As soon as the pandemic broke out, our main concern was to shield the residents, the Clinic and the employees of the Municipality.

Immediately the Municipality procured all the necessary medical consumables, in order to be able to face the possibility of a COVID-19 case immediately and effectively.

Greece has managed in a competent manner to keep the COVID 19 pandemic under full control. Greek authorities not only have taken swiftly all the necessary measures to contain the spread of the virus, but they also have excelled in superb communication management since day one building the crucial trust necessary for its population to embrace the measures imposed.


In Greece and specific in Meganisi we are facing Summer, the next phase of the pandemic under a brighter light, with confidence and experience.


We continue to follow to the point all instructions mandatory or not in order to safeguard the health of our residents and our visitors.

Meganisi a success story

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